DUO Core

The Duo core has been created in response to feedback from customer who have requasted a SPI Core for easier and more conveninet assembly. The Duo core has two halves, male and female, the program will manufacture only one half as specified by the operator.
The Duo Core (DUO) is a combination of several core faces. It is built up as a series of laminations with overlapping cuts along both core legs. Although there are two cuts it is a true End Overlap type core with all of the advantages that this offers. The cut faces diverge to produce a distributed gap with no two cut faces sitting adjacent to each other between lamination stacks. The core is made in two mating halves which are not identical and hence cannot be reversed; each half is made separately for ease of manufacturing. The corners are set at 45 degrees and the inner corner radius is adjustable. Other options include: selectable C or E (Evans) core style, insertion helpers, full size inner, lamination, overlap start position, number of overlaps, number of lamination per overlap and an outer TIG lamination. The Evans cores have a gap programmed between the inner cores. This core has been designed to use wedges between the core and bobbin during assembly. The minimum window length is 80mm and width is 40mm.
Single phase core type and three phase (Evens style) transformers. Yhe Duo core can also be used in shell type appliations, but attention must be given to fixing od clamping of the leg not inside the bobbin.