The ELAP (ELAP7) face is the three phase version (Evans style) of the ENDOLAP core. Three cores (2 x inners, 1x outer) with overlapping cuts along one leg of the core, which is spiral wound so each lamination butts onto the next lamination rather than to itself. The cut faces diverges to produce a distributed gap face with no two cut faces sitting adjacent to each other between lamination stacks.

The corners are selectable between 30 and 45 degree, inner corner radius is adjustable, cut position selectable between Side or End cut. All dimensions regarding the overlaps can be automatically calculated by the software, or selected by the operator. The outer butt section build up is variable, as is the position of the cut. There is a programmable gap between the inner cores. The number of overlaps for the inner cores is independent to the number of overlaps in the outer section.
Three phase transformers greater than 1kVa.
Lower loss than ECORE7 due to the spiral winding of laminations.