SPI Transformer Radiator

SPI Transformer Radiator is part of the SPI Group. The Group is engaged in manufacturing of Transformer Cores, Transformer Radiators and Steel Drums. Based in Ahmedabad, it has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that manufactures world-class products. The company is ISO 9001 certified.


Extend Surface Radiator is a special cooling equipment which is used in large and medium power transformer and reactor. It can be directly connected to the flanger of the transformer and reactor or separately fixed on a support near the transformer and reactor.


  • Advanced CNC Radiator Roll Forming welding line and CNC header tube punching unit applied. High size precision and convertibility with very good surface quality.
  • Seam welding line with automatic panel combining and automatic spot welding function increase the productivity and guarantees the welding quality. Panel damage of artificial carrying can be avoided.
  • Advanced 9 position surface pre-treatment and unique inner surface treatment unit guarantee continuous production and clean surfaces. Painting of inner and outer surfaces has high adhesion.
  • International design of the radiator panel has been applied. Our radiator has the features of large radiating area, high strength and no dead angel of oil flowing, etc. Every technical specification can meet the Chinese Standard JB/T5347-1999.