SPI Containers


SPI Industries is part of the SPI Group. The Group is engaged in manufacturing of Transformer Cores, Transformer Radiators and Steel Drums. Based in Ahmedabad, it has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that manufactures world-class products. The company is ISO 9001 certified.

SPI Drums and Barrels are manufactured in accordance with international standards. They have long life and can be used to store any type of material.


People play a pivotal role in an organization's long term development and prosperity. SPI has the most qualified and experienced personnel for each specific job. Many employees have been with the Group for considerable years. This has helped in continuity in operation and complete understanding the organization. SPIoffers training to people in order to enhance skills and improve their performance.

From the Director's Desk

We at SPI would like to thank all our customers for appreciating our quality. With the full support that we have from our customers and suppliers, we are ready to take the next leap. This would not have been possible without our skilled, well trained and hardworking staff which is an asset to the company. We appreciate the timely support of our suppliers who have always supplied the best quality material. We believe that the journey has just begun…we hope to get this kind of support in the future as well.
Thanks once again.


To establish footprint in the industry as the most trusted company. We want to make SPI a name synonymous with quality.


To become a leader in India by 2010 with a strong reputation for high quality products and excellent customer service.
To provide an enjoyable and challenging environment to all employees.